Crocodile leather suitcase


Crocodile leather suitcase with unique character

Anyone with a taste for travelling in style, will appreciate a crocodile leather suitcase like these two.  Both are in excellent condition and shine – literally – with unique features.

Crocodile leather suitcase with vanity case

The crocodile leather suitcase with the measurements 50 x 35 x 15 hides an exclusive interior with a small removable suitcase also made from crocodile leather. This vanity bag contains a hand mirror, several crocodile leather caskets as well as jars and bottles with clasps made of 800 standard silver. A Cites certification is available.

This suitcase was made to order by Mädler, an old-established company in Leipzig and one of the most famous German manufacturers of the early 20th century. It was crafted around 1930 from the skin of a Mississippi alligator and is in excellent original condition.

Crocodile leather briefcase with monogram

This small suitcase is in particularly good original condition and was crafted about 1930 in England. With its handy measurements of 50 x 35 x 13 cm the suitcase is perfectly suited as hand luggage for air travel. The interior is lined with dark green Moiré fabric, a typical feature of high quality briefcases of the time. The two outer clasps are chrome plated and the handle comes in matching crocodile leather. A particular feature of this piece is the extravagant, rounded finish of its edges. On the upper side of the suitcase one can distinguish the monogram of its first owner: A. R.

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