Jubilee globe by Columbus


Jubilee globe by Columbus


To this day the company Columbus, founded in Berlin in 1909 by the cartographer Paul Oestergaard, is the worldwide market leader when it comes to the manufacturing of globes. This particular globe is part of a special edition consisting of only a few pieces that were made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company

Crystal globe with political and physical world view

The illuminated hand-blown crystal ball is laminated by hand with twelve elliptic segments. By using this technique it is possible to feature the worldview in two ways: illuminated it shows the physical, unlit the political world map. The walnut pedestal on which the globe is mounted measures 55 x 50 cm complete with a drawer. Behind its crystal front resides a world atlas of 330 pages, partially leather bound and without any signs of wear. Even the laminated map segments do not show any signs of damage despite their age. The Art Deco bracket holding the globe from the left and right allow it to be tilted horizontally. The total height of this beautiful piece is 46 cm.

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