Motor yacht model


Motor yacht model

This model of a motor yacht on a scale of 1:40 measures 85 cm in total length. Each element of the model is handcrafted and very accurate in every detail. The hull is crafted from polyester while the boat deck is a delicate work of real wood marquetry. The hull rests on two stainless steel pillars, which in turn are mounted on a beech wood board. It is an unusually elaborate piece of work.

Elaborate boat model in mint condition

The manufacturer however remains unknown. The model might have been a prototype for a solvent customer. Even the fantasy flag mounted at the rear end does not give any hint to its origins. With the exception of a few minor beauty spots the model is complete and in mint condition. Since it seems likely to be a unique piece this model of a motor yacht is a special find for all boat aficionados.

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