TESORO – A treasure chest full of antiques in Southeast Mallorca

TESORO – A treasure chest full of antiques in South East Mallorca

A market researcher and passionate globetrotter who became a hunter and collector of long lost treasures. In a picturesque part of his adopted country of residence, the South East of Mallorca, one can admire the treasures he has collected over the years from all over the world. Here you will find his treasure trove – the TESORO in Campos.

The journey of seeking and discovering began in the 80s in California. By chance he discovered a vintage ROLEX watch at a flea market in Los Angeles. Now worth a small fortune this watch laid the foundation for what turned into a wonderous collection that includes other rarities by OMEGA, LONGINES and HAMILTON amongst others.

Feel free to rummage and marvel!

In his antiques emporium located in the scenic south of the island one can loose oneself rummaging from floor to floor and you are invited to openly do so. Aficionados of the extraordinary will find plenty of opportunities to marvel.

Chrome plated ornaments once sparkling on the hoods of legendary American road cruisers bring memories of old James Dean movies back to life, an original PAN AM air hostess uniform reminds one of the legendary airline with the blue-white globe. Alongside a decorative contrast: fine cashmere blankets, crystal vases, vintage cameras, silver cutlery and Art Deco lamps, golf clubs from the days when Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and even Ben Hogan were ruling the greens.

Only a few steps away the glorious era of the Orient Express comes to life: crocodile leather suitcases as you might have seen travelling first class, custom made Louis Vuitton luggage, next to it hangs elegant rhinestone and genuine jewellery from a bygone age. The collector’s partner contributed her valuable collection of costume jewellery and handbags.

Joachim Goertz mit antiquem FahradThe picturesque cellar vault holds what seems to be an endless collection of  vintage tools including PEUGEOT. In the late 19th century the French family business had not yet started manufacturing cars but dealing only in steel.

And yet there is even more to discover in the TESORO emporium: different styles of period furniture, a gallery of captivating photographs, paintings and various frames, ash trays, vintage lighters,  cigarette holders and, and, and more.

Everyone who makes a journey will have a story to tell!

A visit to Joachim Goertz and the TESORO in Campos is certainly a memorable experience!

Our treasure map – contact and directions!