Theodolite by Amado Laguna, Zaragoza


Theodolite by Amado Laguna, Zaragoza


The Spanish company Amado Laguna de Rins manufactured this perfectly kept theodolite around 1925. Founded 1880 in Zaragoza the company was specialised in manufacturing high-end precision instruments. Already at the turn of the century 150 specialists were engaged with the manufacturing of binoculars, compasses, tachometers, planimeters, pantographs and field survey equipment. This theodolite is intact and without any visible signs of use.

Fully functional theodolite with tiltable telescope

It contains several magnifying lenses for the adjustment of the scale values. The pivoting telescope measures approximately 30 cm and allows precise alignment with the help of two spirit levels. The centre of the instrument features a compass with the company name and manufactures number 5396 which can also be found on the corresponding handling case made of rosewood. The decorative hand made case measures 20 x 20 x 50 cm. The instrument is entirely made of brass and coated with a light grey protective lacquer.

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